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Guest Tickets Order Form 2021



Ticket purchases:

Members in good standing are welcome to purchase tickets for guests who reside outside of Howard County and will be visiting for Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. Holiday Tickets for adults are $200/person; tickets for youth aged 13-18 are $100/person.  Children younger than age 13 do not require tickets. Tickets are free for dependent college students and military personnel.

Bet Chaverim Congregation extends reciprocity to members in good standing from out-of-county congregations. If your guests are members in good standing at a shul where they live, please provide the name and location of their home congregation(s).

Local prospective members can purchase High Holiday tickets one time, and apply that cost toward membership in the same membership year, if they decide to join. Prospective members/locals can purchase tickets for adults for $250, and tickets for youth aged 13-18 for $100 apiece. Children under 13 are free; and the limit for ticket purchases is $500 per family.

Members’ tickets will be mailed by the third week of August. To receive guest tickets in the same mailing, please place orders before that time. Order forms may be completed online here or printed and emailed/mailed to Jennifer Rogofsky (jenrogo86(

Payment can be made online (at our web site) or sent to:
                                                    Bet Chaverim
P.O. Box 2428
                                                    Columbia, MD  21041-2428

For Free Tickets Requested for Dependent College Students, Military Personnel, or Reciprocity for Members of Out-of-County Congregations

Mon, March 20 2023 27 Adar 5783