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Bet Chaverim's First Journey To Israel — February 9 - 20

Rabbi Blumenthal is leading BC's first Exploring Israel Adventure (February 9-20) for congregants and their families. This trip, planned nearly one year ago, is designed for both first-time visitors to Israel and those who haven’t been there recently.

To Rabbi Blumenthal and the group, we say: "tsaiskhem l'shalom uboakhem l'shalom" (צאתכם לשלום ובואכם לשלום; may your going be to peace and your coming be to peace—i.e., may both your departure and your arrival be safe). We hope you have the trip of a lifetime, and return to share your impressions with us.



Speaker Series: the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Spy Case — at Shabbat Services on Friday, March 20

Join us at 7:30 PM for Shabbat Services led by Rabbi Kim Blumenthal, followed by a guest speaker. David Hatch is a National Security Agency historian who will discuss the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg spy case, including what declassified intelligence has revealed about their guilt.

Thu, February 20 2020 25 Shevat 5780