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Bet Chaverim Welcomes You

Howard County’s newest congregation is modern, member-driven, and inclusive, with roots in Conservative practice and a warm appreciation for the diversity of today’s Jewish community.  Services are held every weekend, (2 Friday night services and 2 Saturday morning services per month), on the High Holidays, and major Jewish festivals. Life cycle events are supported and recognized.  

Dues include High Holiday tickets. Interfaith partners are welcome as members. No member will ever be turned away or made uncomfortable due to financial circumstances.   

We invite you to join us in this exciting new venture that is nurturing spiritual growth and social support in a warm, welcoming community.
Membership dues are:
·       $1200 per two adult family
·       $600 for single adult family 
We  also have initiated our L’dor Va'dor program that enables young adults and families with children younger than Hebrew School age to qualify for reduced dues of $600 per two-adult family, or $300 for single-adult families or individuals.
To join or to request additional information, please contact:
  • Heather Zimmerman, Membership Co-Chair: ( 410-480-8361)


  • Elan Abutboul, Membership Co-Chair: (732-233-6416)

For any website questions, please do not hesitate to contact Shelli Rossman at or by phone at 410-499-5865.


Sat, July 21 2018 9 Av 5778